First hometeam bout with JRG…first win with JRG…first MVP award. Tonight has been awesome. BOOM! #rollerderby #jacksonvillerollergirls #mvp #derby

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    Spirit animal

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    Fun first bout with JRG…it was so tough but I made it through and next weekend I make my home team debut. So fun! #jrg #jax #jacksonvillerollergirls #rollergirl #rollerderby

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    Orange is the new Black. Im proud of what I have accomplished so far…but I have definitely played better. I have a redemption next week at the hometeam game…I need to clean up my headgame and i’ll be fine.

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    Its bout day and I don’t wanna take the track without certain people. So im taking my mama, my love, my first derby wife, and Papa with with me on my skin and in spirit. #rollerderby #boutday #jrg #jvillains #girlswhoskate #rollergirl

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    My baby switched to an ecig for me! He is gonna be so glad he did and I am super proud of him. #quitter #ecig #healthycouple @ricdolore

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    No longer on probationary period!

    I am so excited to be hitting the flat track with my team this weekend.  To be there with my leaguemates from Brunswick who supported me through this means so much to me.  I am so happy in my new home with JRG and I can’t wait to be in a position to move to Jacksonville.

     I skated this past weekend in a scrimmage for PCRD (Palm Coast Roller Derby).  It was Halloween themed and super fun.  Someone in the crowd actually paid money to have me jam.  It was an awesome night.  Vince Hannity who announces for WFTDA was there as the bout announcer and just hearing him say my name gave me chills.  It was happening…I was skating with some BAMFS from all over Georgia and Florida.  A southeast dream team of sorts.  I was sorta on my own.  I went with a friend from Savannah but since she was on the other team she quickly deserted me when we got to the venue.  However I quickly discovered what I already knew.  I had a ton of friends that I have made on Facebook and meeting them face to face and skating with them bridged the digital divide.  I suspect that this sort of thing will continue now that I am a Jacksonville Rollergirl.

    At the end of this month I am going to be flying out of Jacksonville to Nashville to attend WFTDA International Champs as a spectator.  Last year I watched it streaming from a leaguemates house.  I made a promise to myself that I would go and see it live.  This year as the off season approaches I have a few new goals.  One of them is to attend Rollercon in Vegas next June.  I want that.  I NEED THAT.  The other goal is to continue to grow as a skater and to move up from C team to B team.  I also want to become closer to the people I skate with.  I don’t want to be “that transfer” that people don’t really know. 

    Im just super stoked about life.

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    Butterfly Porn #yep #butterfly #nature #makinbabies

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    Call me a nerd if you want but I love learning. On the job, listening to seminars, learning how to be better. #choicehotels #comfortinn #nerdygirl #smartgirlswag

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    Wish I Hadn’t Waited

    In all the places I have been
    The home im in now
    the home I knew then
    I feel completely different
    from the girl I used to be
    And I feel like for the first time
    they are really seeing me.
    Im flawed and lost and broken
    But in a land of misfit toys
    What makes you weird or different
    Are the traits that they employ
    And of all the times in life to find
    The puzzle pieces fit
    I find freedoms in the struggling and the agony that comes with it
    Bruised legs and ice and bandages upon my tired feet
    Are nothing to deter me
    From the pleasures that I seek
    Some have raised questions about
    The change in my demeanor
    The strange vocabulary
    A waist that is much leaner
    This lifestyle it becomes me
    Im stronger for this somehow
    And I wish I hadn’t waited for this change until just now.

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